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"With Acetrack I can track exactly how the body responds to different physical challenges and food intakes. I always know when I am in ketosis and can easily adapt my diet and training to reach my goals."

Rasmus, 45 years
The Swedish Armed Forces

"Acetrack is a good trigger for me. It helps me to better understand if I am in ketosis or not, if I am burning fat here and now – or not! Acetrack tells me instantly."

Lena Söderström, 60 years
Professional Board Director

"I have lost 25 kg with the help of Acetrack. Thanks to this simple breath meter, I can keep track of when I’m in fat burning mode."

Håkan Magnusson, 59 years
Management Coordinator

"I have managed to drop more than 40 kg thanks to Acetrack – the kilos seemed to evaporate and yet my food portions remained big and hearty. I have learnt that with a good diet moderate exercise is enough in order to keep in shape. With Acetrack I know exactly what food I should eat – and avoid – in order to stay fit and strong."

Robert Kohn, 49 years
IT Consultant

"I have suffered from migraines since my early twenties and the pain controlled my life – until I began using Acetrack. Now I’m avoiding migraines completely by keeping myself in Acetrack’s ‘fat burning mode’. Acetrack has also taught me a lot about my new, ‘more mature’ body – how it reacts to different kinds of foods and exercise routines and what I shall do in order to ‘remain young’."

Margareta Nilsson, 62 years
IT Educator

"The easiest and fastest way I have ever measured Ketones."

Iain Campbell
The University of Edinburgh

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To develop our company and our products, we’ve always worked closely with representatives in the real world. Each ambassador has his/her own background, drive and philosophy – Meet them below.

Measure if you are burning fat

Deversify´s CEO and Co-Founder Anders Murman explains why we need to make lifestyle changes in order to improve our health and how Deversify’s breathalyzer Acetrack can help you to better understand your own metabolism.


What to eat on a ketogenic diet?

Preferably, 75% of your energy intake (calories) should come from fat, 20% from protein and 5% from carbohydrates, …


How do I lose weight?

The first thing to do is to stop yo-yo dieting. An unsuccessful weight loss is often due to …

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