How do I lose weight?

Published December 1, 2019 by Anna Stegs

The first thing to do is to stop yo-yo dieting.

An unsuccessful weight loss is often due to a tricky relationship with the food, where certain provisions are “allowed” and “forbidden”, or that not enough fullness is reached in relation to energy content, which makes you go hungry. The weight losing process can be boring and for many people filled with anxiety and hard to sustain in the long run.

You may have a will of steel that can take you quite far in the beginning, but the hard truth is that it is difficult for most people to have a sustainable steady weight loss persisting over time. That is why over-weight and obesity is a major health problem around the world today.

A basic prerequisite for losing weight is that the withdrawals (bodily energy consumption) must be greater than the deposits (calories from food and drink).

Filling the deposits with smart food that keeps you satisfied that at the same time is giving you all the nutrition you need is therefore crucial to achieve a sustainable result.

Eating a ketogenic diet is a method that has been very successful for many people. It keeps you full on real, cooked, good food. You eat when you’re hungry and don’t have to count calories. By eating a low-carbohydrate diet, fat-based, the body switches to burning stored fat instead of newly added carbohydrates.

You will lose weight and keep a steady sense of fullness at the same time!

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