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"I always know when I'm in ketosis."

"I have eaten different versions of a ketogenic diet in more than 10 years, both for health reasons and in order to optimise my physical endurance.

With Acetrack I can track exactly how the body responds to different physical challenges and food intakes. I always know when I am in ketosis and can easily adapt my diet and training to reach my goals."

Rasmus, 45 years
The Swedish Armed Forces

"I can strongly recommend Acetrack. I have used the device since October 2019 and have lost 25kg. It has facilitated my weight management and encouraged me to remain in a fat burning mode. It is good that the device provides you with graphs so you can see your progress. I am 59 years old and have been struggling with weight loss my whole adult life.

Not until I started to read about the Keto diet and tried it out did I achieve results. With the help of Acetrack I am making sure to remain in a fat burning mode. It is like a pat on the back when you score good values and a reminder that you have to change something when then the values are low."

Håkan Magnusson, 59 years
Management Coordinator

I strongly recommend Acetrack!
Acetrack tells me instantly if I'm burning fat.

"Acetrack is a good trigger for me. It helps me to better understand if I am in ketosis or not, if I am burning fat here and now -- or not! Acetrack tells me instantly. It is one of the most important tools I use to get into ketosis -- and to stay there. I can often estimate my values but sometimes not at all.

With Acetrack you also realise how much carbohydrates and sugars there are in todays readymade food and lunches... Acetrack has helped me a lot."

Lena Söderström, 60 years
Professional Board Director


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How do I lose weight?

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