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We are proud to be trusted by international health experts from across the industry. Each ambassador has his or her own background, drive and philosophy – meet them below.

Our Ambassadors

Ewa Meurk

Dedicated Health Engineer and Author of the book "Become your own Health Engineer – tools for metabolic health!".

Ewa Meurk is a Health Engineer. She combines her technical background (Master of Engineering from KTH – Kungliga Tekniska högskolan – Royal Institute of Technology) with a solid education from the fields of Functional Medicine, Nutrition and Sports Nutrition. She is also a certified addiction medicine coach specialising in food and sugar.

For many years, Ewa believed that health was all about eating less and running more. But the only results she saw were a lighter wallet and a heavier body. She only started to see improvement when she changed things around and stopped following well-established but outdated recommendations. When Ewa started following a more ketogenic diet, she found herself more energised, healthier and slimmer.

These surprising results sparked Ewa’s lifelong passion for understanding nutrition and health from an engineer’s perspective. Ewa now dedicates all her spare time (as much as she has given her full-time job as an entrepreneur and IT company CEO!) to understanding the science of metabolic health.

In the past decade our understanding of the metabolism, obesity, high blood sugar, and insulin has progressed by leaps and bounds, and Ewa has been working hard to spread this new knowledge. Ewa helped launch FunMed – Europe’s biggest functional medicine doctors clinic. Ewa also runs Elitista – an educational company where she holds presentations and runs courses for people who want to understand their own health better.

Olga Hamilton

Registered Nutritional Therapist, FdSc, DipION, PGDip Nutritional Medicine, BA (Hons), mBANT and CNHC Registered.

Olga Hamilton is a TEDx speaker and an expert in the use of biodata to create highly personalised nutrition programmes. She passionately believes in the power of nutrition and the effect it has on every aspect of our health and wellbeing. Her approach is thorough and science-based, applying the latest research and advances in the field of nutrition, nutrigenomics, nutrigenetics and functional medicine.

Olga works with highly complex biodata to identify imbalances within the body and rebalance them through targeted advanced nutritional interventions. This process offers her clients a truly personalised approach to their health and wellbeing.

Olga specialises in weight management, digestive disorders, anti-ageing and skin conditions.

Read more about Olga and contact her here:

Sara Aguilar

Sara Aguilar – also known as The Health Anthropologist – is an Ancestral Health enthusiast and founder of Europe’s leading ketogenic food, supplement and education website: Keto Supplements.

Inspired by her husband’s epilepsy, she dove into the world of keto to find a way of alleviating his symptoms and to source Exogenous Ketones.

Sara strongly believes in the health boosting benefits of a low carb and keto diet – as personally experienced by herself and her husband – and as a way of alleviating chronic illness worldwide. Sara has also launched Real Ketones and the Health Anthropologist Podcast.

You can find Sara working avidly at her laptop, lifting weights at the gym and exploring the British countryside.

Connect with Sara or

Ida Johnsson

Ida Johnsson – a cancer thriver and green voice in the keto community.

In spring 2019, Ida was diagnosed with stage VI ovarian cancer and, like many cancer patients, she asked her oncologist what she could do to aid recovery and prevent relapses. The reply was "Not too much, go ahead and live your life the way you did before the diagnosis".

With two small kids and a fairly poor prognosis, that was not an option as she believed that keeping the habits that got her sick in the first place probably would be a perfect environment for the cancer to continue to grow and spread. Hence, with her background within biomedical science she was determined to review the evidence base, follow the footsteps of other long-term survivors, and do everything in her control to better the odds.

As a believer in both the metabolic approach to cancer and whole foods plant-based anticancer nutrition, she tried to combine the best of two worlds and started to follow what she refers to as a plant centric ketogenic diet.

To hold herself accountable and inspire others to pursue health promoting habits, she started to share her healing journey and cancer-fighting recipes on Instagram.

If you don’t find Ida in the kitchen, cooking nourishing food, you may find her taking a power walk in the forest, lifting weights, relaxing in the sauna, or spending precious time with family and friends.

Follow Ida’s healing journey on Instagram

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